TMF Careers: Navigating the Illusion of Greener Grass and Finding Home

Written by Nicole M. Palmer & John R. Nocero

Hey there! John and Nicole TMF vibes coming your way! Remember that catchy tune “Hook” by Blues Traveler? Well, it’s more than a melody—it’s a gateway to rethinking our take on the workplace boomerangs.

Back in 2019, we started using the term “boomerang” to describe those who vanish and then bounce right back into our lives. Fast-forward to today, let’s apply this concept to the workplace. Imagine this scenario: you leave your Trial Master File (TMF) job for the allure of a fresh start. But guess what? Reality hits you like a boomerang, reminding you exactly why you left in the first place.

Now, let’s unpack this with two simple but powerful quotes:

1. “How can they miss you if you’re always around?”

Think about it—when you’re constantly present, it’s hard for your employer to truly appreciate your absence. Instead, be the memory that sticks around when opportunities arise. Make a lasting impact, leave on good terms, and become the first thought when new roles open up. Looking for a pay boost? Sometimes, stepping away and coming back armed with new TMF skills is the ultimate negotiation card.

2. “Going back to old jobs or old girlfriends/boyfriends is a losing game.”

Let’s get real here. Just like rekindling with exes rarely works out, going back to a previous job often leads to disappointment. If you left for a reason, odds are that reason hasn’t magically disappeared. Don’t let familiarity trick you into staying stagnant. Embrace change, take a leap into the unknown, and discover what lies beyond. Trust me, that nostalgia will fade, leaving you right where you started—uninspired and unmoved.

So, my fellow TMF journey-takers, let’s break the cycle. Don’t fear the unknown; instead, embrace it. Venture out, learn, evolve. Become that boomerang that returns stronger, wiser, and ready to conquer the challenges ahead. Because standing still is the real losing game.

Stay bold,

John and Nicole

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