Meet Nicole

Nicole Palmer, CEO of Granular Level, LLC

Hi. My name is Nicole Palmer, MS, and I take immense pride in introducing
myself as the Founder of Granular Level, LLC. Our company isn’t just any
organization; it’s a beacon for those who seek to delve into the intricate
world of the Trial Master File.

But why TMF, you might ask? The answer is simple. Passion. I’ve always
believed in the incredible potential of individuals who are stepping into this
field, especially those who aim to become outstanding Trial Master File leads.
The journey to becoming a TMF lead isn’t just about holding a position; it’s
about influencing positive change and ensuring clinical trials meet the highest
standards of compliance and quality.

Understanding the challenges and competition of the industry, I’ve set forth
on a mission, a mission that goes beyond mere business operations. My mission
is empowerment. I dream of a world where every aspiring TMF individual feels
confident and equipped to seize the opportunity that comes their way. This is
not just about securing a job; it’s about building a fulfilling career that one
is proud of.

Now, let’s talk about ambition. If you are reading this, chances are you’re
not just looking for a job. You’re a dreamer, a high achiever, someone who
doesn’t take no for an answer. The fire of ambition burns bright within you,
and you have that innate drive to not only set goals, but to achieve them too.
This mindset is precisely what the world of TMF requires. It’s not for the
faint-hearted but for those who are brave, resilient and real go-getters.

Recognizing this potential within you, I’ve invested a significant portion
of my life in sculpting the perfect tools and resources that would act as a
catalyst in your TMF journey.

Let’s make your dreams a reality.